Embed a Google Map

date: 2015-03-13

It’s actually quite a straightforward process to embed a customised Google Map in a website. Using Places or View mode is free.

Basic embedding

  1. Navigate to Google Maps

  2. Enter your location or place of interest as normal.

  3. Press Share

  4. Alternatively press Share or embed map from the side panel:

    1. If you can’t see the side panel, expand it ()

    2. Open the menu ()

  5. Click ‘Embed a map’

  6. Choose the size of map you want to embed

  7. Copy the HTML

To paste this into your Google Site page, press ‘Embed’ from the ‘Insert’ menu, then press ‘Embed Code’. Then paste the HTML code into the dialogue box.

“Embed in Google Sites”

“Embed in Google Sites”

To paste your code into a WordPress page, make sure you’re editing in HTML mode:

“Embed in WordPress”

“Embed in WordPress”


The Google Maps Developer Guide describes alternative ways to embed a standard map in a webpage. These allow finer control but require you to enable billing.