Geocoding with Google Maps API

You need to build a URL to query the Google Places API, one URL per place. Judging by the Places API guide you need to:

  1. Get an API key
  2. Obtain a placeid from a places search, then
  3. Use this placeid to get information from the Place Details API.

The base URL is:

JSON is the recommended output format, and we need to specify the following parameters:

  1. key: your API key
  2. location: lat/long (NOT long/lat!) coordinates of the centre of your search area
  3. radius: the radius to search in metres
  4. keyword or name: keywords or name of the place to search

So build this up in R:

places_key = "Your key goes here"
url = paste0("",
             "nearbysearch/json?key=", places_key,
             "&radius=5000",  # max = 50,000

Query the URL with

install.packages("jsonlite")  # if not already installed
result <- jsonlite::fromJSON(url)

The placeid(s) is/are then in result$results$placeid.

Plug this placeid into a Google Places Details API query:

details_id  <- result$results$placeid

If there is more than one placeid you can specify which one you want with result$results$placeid[1], for example for the first placeid

details_url <- paste0("",
                      "key=", places_key,
                      "&placeid=", details_id)

details <- jsonlite::fromJSON(details_url)