PhD awarded

Today I received an email saying my PhD has been awarded, and my thesis has been published. I am officially Dr Phil Jones!

Submitting my thesis, September 2017

Submitting my thesis, September 2017

Manuscript and source code

The manuscript and source code are published on the White Rose consortium etheses repository. You can also download or fork the source code from github.

'Piled Higher and Deeper' by Jorge Cham

'Piled Higher and Deeper' by Jorge Cham

The manuscript is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales license and the source code is GPL v2. My hope is this makes it as easy as possible to build on this research.

PhD statistics

A few statistics about the PhD, just out of curiosity…


Event Date
Start September 2013
Submission September 2017
Viva November 2017
Submit corrections January 2018
Thesis published; PhD awarded February 2018

So, about 53 months from start to finish, not including a couple of leave of absences.


Item Number
Pages 271
Chapters 8
Tables 27
Figures 83

Source code

Item Number
Lines of code 23,053
Commits 2,068
Pull requests 171

These don’t include any work I did on the thesis before I converted it to bookdown in August 2016, or the work I did on rakeR (6,623 LOC; 304 commits; 49 pull requests).