Sheffield Madina Masjid

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting the Madina Masjid in Sheffield, taking a group of undergraduate students as part of the social science Achieve More week. I’d never been inside a mosque before despite visiting a couple, so was genuinely excited to be shown around. Our tour guide, Zahid, showed the group the facilities, starting with the wash rooms where he showed us how Muslims performs their ablutions before prayer. [Read More]

Update to Townsend deprivation score script

I’ve updated and released a new version of the Townsend material deprivation score script. Changes in v2.0 The script now uses the Nomis web API to obtain census data through a http:// connection, meaning they can be downloaded, unzipped and loaded from within an interactive session. Shapefiles of England and Wales are now downloaded from the UK data service boundary data archive’s easy downloader, again meaning shapefiles can be downloaded from within an interactive session rather than having to be downloaded and unpacked separately. [Read More]