PhD awarded

Today I received an email saying my PhD has been awarded, and my thesis has been published. I am officially Dr Phil Jones!

Thesis submitted


A few statistics about the PhD, just out of curiosity…


Event Date
Start September 2013
Submission September 2017
Viva November 2017
Submit corrections January 2018
Thesis published; PhD awarded February 2018

So, about 53 months from start to finish, not including a couple of leave of absences.


Item Number
Pages 271
Chapters 8
Tables 27
Figures 83

Source code

Item Number
Lines of code 23,053
Commits 2,068
Pull requests 171

These don’t include any work I did on the thesis before I converted it to bookdown in August 2016, or the work I did on rakeR (6,623 LOC; 304 commits; 49 pull requests).