Doncaster Festival of Research

Doncaster Festival of Research 2017

On Friday 20 October I was delighted to present a poster at the Doncaster Festival of Research 2017 Fringe Event in Denaby and Cadeby Miner’s Welfare in Denaby Main.

With my poster I tried to summarise my doctoral research, which is challenging because it’s probably most relevant for a policy and practitioner audience. I hope it was useful for the people who came to talk to me about it.

The poster summarised the resilient areas in Doncaster I had calculated with my simulation. Resilient areas were those that had high unemployment or high area deprivation, but low prevalence of clinical depression.

  • Resilient areas are blue
  • built-up areas are in grey
  • green spaces are green
  • GP surgeries are red crosses
  • and leisure centres are the icon of a person exercising.

Resilient areas of Doncaster

At the event there were a couple of videos playing with members of the local tenants and residents’ association (TARA) and the bumping space talking about what these groups mean to them.

Well North. Glyn's Story. from Unity House on Vimeo.

More details about the event are available on the event booking page, from the event flyer (.pdf, <1MB), or have a look at the twitter Moment for the Denaby fringe event below: