Spatial microsimulation 101

I recently gave a presentation for analysts and data modellers at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) introducing the spatial microsimulation technique (specifically the IPF flavour), and below are the slides I used (use spacebar to navigate through the slides):

Alternatively you can download the presentation as a standard html file to open in your browser.

Much of the content is based on material from Spatial Microsimulation with R by Robin Lovelace and Morgane Dumont (online content | physical book) and my own rakeR package for R.

For the presentation I also created a spatial model of tax credits claimants in Doncaster based on data I already had for Doncaster and survey responses from Understanding Society. NB: don’t use the model results in any analysis; they were created quickly to demonstrate the concept and as such haven’t been tested or validated in any way.