Sheffield Migration Matters Festival

Migration Matters

I am delighted and very proud that I was asked to exhibit some of my photographs from Lesvos for this year's Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield, which is held as part of Refugee Week. The festival ran from 17th to 25th June 2016 in Theatre Delicatessen, with exhibitions from other photographers, workshops held by artists, and plays performed by local theatre companies. Sadly because I was recovering from surgery I was unable to attend the talk that my supervisor gave on the evening of the 23rd – ‘Letters and Pictures from Lesvos‘, but I was able to at least see the static pieces by other photographers and artists when I visited later in the week.

The festival line up looked superb and the pieces I got to enjoy (i.e. not the performed pieces) were beautiful, some made by refugees who now call Sheffield home. I look forward to next year's festival, even if I'm not invited to exhibit!

My exhibition at Migration Matters Festival, 2016