Thought Bubble 2013

Sam and I went to Thought Bubble 2013 at the Royal Armouries in Leeds this weekend, our second comic convention together.

Our friend Sam, of Sam Read Writes, released his first comic at the weekend. Entitled ‘Exit Generation‘ it tells the story of the people of Earth who are left behind after the majority of the population leaves because of overpopulation and overcrowding. With an already decent premise, the promise of big guns, aliens and punk rock means he's probably on to a winner.

As with any comic convention though, the cosplayers were out in force so I took my camera along for some portraits. I think cosplayers make excellent subjects because their costume tends to give them the confidence of their character that translates in to a good portrait.

I particularly loved this costume because it's so understated. She's dressed as Enid from Ghost World, but if you don't know the comic or the film you would never know she's in costume, which I think is wonderful.

As well as the cosplayers, there were numerous roller derby girls from a number of teams across Yorkshire who were ushering people around and checking tickets. Roller derby girls also tend to take excellent portraits. I loved this roller girl's tattoos, for example:

The rest of the portraits I took are in the Thought Bubble 2013 Flickr set.

As well as providing me the opportunity to take some portraits, Thought Bubble was also hugely family friendly. I wasn't the only parent there with young children, and a few were even in costume. For once I also wasn't the only one pushing a pushchair around. There were also lots of colouring in and crafts for children to do (including big children!) so Sam and I did some colouring in and bought a comic book colouring in book for when he's a bit older.

So, Thought Bubble is definitely worth a look next year if you've not already been.