A World Full of Data

getstatsLast week I was privileged to attend the launch of the Royal Statistical Society and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries joint report on

A World Full of Data: Statistics Opportunities Across A-Level Subjects

The report was completed by Roger Porkess and was based on the fieldwork I and many others contributed to earlier in the year.

General Findings

At the launch Roger talked through and discussed many of his general findings that were relevant to most subjects included in the report:

  • There needs to be better provision of continued professional development (CPD) for teachers to learn statistical skills and be confident teaching statistics.
  • There should be some provision to undertake a research project to experience the statistical research cycle. This could be in the form of coursework or similar provision.
  • He suggested an increased and better use of appropriate software and tools.

Statistical Literacy

I found the emphasis on ‘statistical literacy,’ rather than simply numeracy, very useful. Clearly numeracy is important, but statistical literacy places an emphasis on developing a confidence with using statistical tests and interpreting their results, especially using software tools.

Download the Report

Download the report or view a copy of A World Full of Data from this website.

Previous Report

This report builds on the previous report, The Future of Statistics in Our Schools and Colleges.

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