House prices 3D visualisation

3D visualisation of house prices with three.js and 3D-printed into a model.


Townsend Material Deprivation Index created with leaflet and shiny.


An R package to make spatial microsimulation (‘raking’) as easy as possible.

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I’ve patched rakeR on CRAN to v0.2.1 to fix a couple of problems in the examples and tests, which were using old labels and failing on some machines (thanks to Derek Atherton for the feedback). I’ve also updated the documentation website to use the new pkgdown template to be consistent with other R packages, most notably the tidyverse. And, that’s about it. If you’re using v0.2.0 and are happy there are no changes to the API to worry about.


I am absolutely delighted to announce that the latest version of rakeR, version 0.2.0, is on CRAN. You can install it in R or RStudio with: install.packages("rakeR") DOI rakeR now has a DOI. This is probably more useful for me than it is for you but nevertheless, if you use rakeR please be sure to cite it and use the DOI: Changes and improvements Speed improvements in integerise() The most noticeable change is that the integerise() step, which previously took hours on a reasonable–sized data set, now takes minutes.


I get this error so often (and I always forget how to solve it) that I thought I’d post a solution. Here’s the error: pandoc-citeproc: "stdin" (line 2421, column 2): unexpected "m" expecting "c", "C", "p", "P", "s" or "S" pandoc: Error running filter /usr/lib/rstudio/bin/pandoc/pandoc-citeproc Filter returned error status 1 Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 83 The problem is that there’s an entry in my bibliography BibTeX file without a trailing comma: