I’m a research associate in the Centre for Criminological Research based in the School of Law at the University of Sheffield. I’m working on the “Long-term impacts of ‘Thatcherism’: crime, politics and inequality” project.

I am finishing a PhD in human geography based at the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield. My thesis is entitled ‘A Spatial Microsimulation Analysis of Health Inequalities and Health Resilience’. I’m supervised by Dimitris Ballas and Liddy Goyder. I was funded by a scholarship from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Public Health and am part of the Building Economies and Resilient Societies (BEARS) network.



I specialise in:


I’m proficient in and have used (and sometimes taught) the following software (roughly in order of purpose, not expertise):

R SPSS Stata bash sed & awk Python QGIS ArcGIS / ArcMap LibreOffice Microsoft Office pandoc & (R)markdown LaTeX QuarkXPress Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop GIMP Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Linux

Selected articles, reports, and presentations

All publications available from: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5173-3245


Continued Professional Development

I am a member of the Social Research Association and associate member of LARIA.


My exhibition at Sheffield's Migration Matters Festival, 2016

Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years now, but it’s only recently that I’ve learned that good photography is about making images, rather than taking pictures. The difference is deciding beforehand how your image will look, then using your camera and equipment to make that image happen. The alternative is taking pictures and hoping one or two come out ok.

I enjoy photography both for its inherent creativity, as well as the technical nature of using a camera. I’m particularly partial to portraiture and street photography.

I’ve exhibited my work at local photography festivals and arts organisations, including Sheffield’s Migration Matters Festival 2016 and the first BroughamPhotoFest at Brougham Hall.

You can see my current and previous projects on Flickr.